Membership and Fees

In order to participate in the Masters Program and attend any Bay Masters (BAY) practices, every swimmer will need to be a full access (“Premier”) member of BAKAR Fitness Center.

For complete information about joining BAKAR Fitness Center please contact the ‘Membership Department’ desk at (415) 476-JOIN or visit the Center’s website at: HYPERLINK ""

All Masters Program participants are assessed a monthly ‘training fee’ of $10.00/month (payable by credit card only) in order to train with Bay Masters (BAY). Please get one of those credit card forms from any one of the coaches on deck -- and return completed and signed form directly to the coach in a sealed envelope. Do not drop off at any desk.

Finally -- because we are a registered USMS Masters swim team, all swimmers must register on a yearly (calendar) basis with the Bay Masters swim team.

The current cost for that is $50.00/year. Click on "Team Registration Lookup" on this website to register ‘online’ -- or you can get a paper form from any of the coaches.

If you register by filling out a paper USMS/PMS registration form you will need to include a check for $50.00 (payable to: “Pacific Masters Swimming”).

Please do not mail in that form (and check) as we need to make a back-up copy for our files -- then we will mail in the form and check to the offices of Pacific Masters Swimming.

Return the completed and signed form and the check in a sealed envelope directly to the coach on deck. Do not drop off at any desk.

However, the preferred method of registration is to do it ‘online’. Just click on "Team Registration Lookup" on this website -- it's quick, it's easy, and you will be registered in minutes !!