2013 Seasonal Training Overview

Generally, we will only have one “Major Team Focus” event per year – that being the Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships (usually in October at Walnut Creek).

We have chosen this meet because it allows us, as a TEAM, to do well both in the ‘team’ as well as in ‘individual’ competitions. It is a great opportunity for all the swimmers on the team to come together and enjoy a weekend of fun, friendship, and competition in a meet that is not only close by – but also each day’s competition tends to get over in a timely manner – always a key consideration!!

Over that last few years not only has Bay Masters done well in the team competition (3rd out of 36 teams in 2006 and 2nd out of 42 teams in 2007 – and we have continued to garner 2nd overall in team rankings in this meet every year from 2007 through 2011). And all swimmers who have entered this meet have scored valuable ‘team points’. But also had a great time to boot!!

2013 Major Focus Meets

The coaching staff will also be at the following events, schedules permitting, as they are our Minor Team Focus Events for 2012:

  • Sunday/Mar 10-- CAL Masters Invitational (UC/Berkeley)
  • Saturday/Mar 23 -- USF March Madness, Koret Health and Rec Center, San Francisco (SCY)
  • Saturday/June 1 -- Lake Berryessa, 1 and 2-Mile Open Water (Lake Berryess
  • Saturday/Aug 17 -- Donner Lake 2.7 Mile Open Water (Donner Lake)

While all swimmers are not required to enter any of the above-mentioned events -- all swimmers should consider attending at least one or more of the above.

Why?? Because you have put in a lot of hard training and dedication to the sport of swimming – and it would be a shame not to get ‘quantifiable evidence’ of the improvements you have made. Otherwise it would be like having a finely tuned automobile -- that just sits in the garage looking shiny and fast; but how will you ever know how well it runs --- if you never ‘test it’!

Besides -- as a Coach -- I can ‘see things’ in a swimmer’s technique in competition – that are missed or overlooked during practices. And this will help in constructing a much better training program, for you, the swimmer!

Following is a “Year over Year” Seasonal Training Plan that we will generally be following:

Mid-October through January: General Endurance Period
Generally the practices will consist on repeats with shorter rest intervals, longer distances, and mostly freestyle.
Goals: Improve general aerobic capacity and work on stroke technique.

February through May: Specific Endurance and Competition Period
Generally the practices will shift toward longer rest between repeats and more ‘stroke specific’ training. As the weeks go by the introduction of ‘broken swims’ will occur.
Goals: Build power and speed in the water; build capacity to maintain correct stroke mechanics when fatigued. Tapering and resting will be done as required -- for ‘Team Focus’ events that may occur at end of this period.

June through August: Rebuilding Endurance for Open Water and Long Course
Generally the practices will see an increase in ‘yardage’ as we enter the Open Water and Long Course season -- which require greater endurance capacities. We will still be spending time on ‘stroke specific’ training however -- as required for Long Course Competition.
Goals: Maintain power and speed while improving (shifting) Anaerobic Threshold (A.T. work).

September through Mid-October: Focus and driving toward Major Team Focus Meet
Generally the practices will be geared toward achieving the best performances of the year as we focus on our Major team focus meet of the Year – the Pacific Master Short Course Meters Championships, usually held in Mid- October. Content of the practices will generally mirror those found in ‘Specific Endurance and Competition Period’ as noted above.
Goals: Continue building power in the water, shift emphasis to greater ‘Quality Swims’, training will become ‘event specific’, and a major taper & ‘sharpening up’ for great swims at the Championships!

Hope to see you all at the pool -- and at some of the previously mentioned ‘Focus Events’ -- over the upcoming year!!

Coach Doug
Head Coach Bay Masters